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50 years of the „Bumblebees“

In September 2011 the Wing celebrated its 50th birthday. For this event the Transall C-160D 50+85 was painted in a special colour. On the fuselage the silhouettes of the Noratlas, UH-1D Huey, Do.28 as well as the Wing badge with the bumblebee and the badge of the EATC (European Air Transport Command) could be seen. The tail is decorated with the silhouette of the Transall and the Outline of the federal state of Schleswig Holstein filled with its blue, white and red flag colours with the three crests of the surrounding cities of Rendsburg, Hohn and Alt Duvenstedt below.

C-160 50+85
C-160 50+85 s/c
fuselage middle detail
front detail
50 years of LTG 63
tail detail

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