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We are closely associated with aviation and aviation photography for many years and we have supported various international aviation magazines like Jet&Prop, Flugzeug, FlugRevue, FliegerRevue (Germany),, AirAction, AirZone, AirFan  (France), Helico Revue (Switzerland), WorldAirPower, International Air Power Review, AirForcesMonthly, AircraftIllustrated, Scale Aircraft Modelling, Model Aircraft Monthly (Great Britain), AeroPlan, Lotnictwo (Poland), Aerei, JP4 (Italy), KokuFan (Japan), CombatAircraft (USA) and  Fuerza Aerea (Spain) with articles, photos and information.

Samples of our work can be find at our page publications.

Jens Schymura

Jens Schymura our webmaster was born in 1967 in Lübeck in northern Germany near the former border to the GDR.
His interest in aviation was awakened in early teenage years by building scale aviation models. After buying the first Camera at the age of 15 the interest in photography was born. It was a small step combinig the two hobbies to the aviation photography.

Main interests:
European military aviation on Kodachrome slides and in scale 1/72

Marcus Fülber

Marcus Fülber was, like Jens Schymura, born in 1967 in Lübeck.
He was interested in aviation and flying since he was a small boy. First he started building model airplanes. Later, at the age of 15, he made his first solo flights in a glider aircraft, getting the private pilot licence at the age of 17. His cameras were always with him.

Main interests:
Military aircraft and airliners worldwide

Holger Stüben

Holger Stüben was born in 1960 in Ratzeburg near the former border to the GDR.
His interest in aviation was startet as a child watching German Border Guard Helicopters fly by and building model kits since 1967. As soon as a camera was obtained in the 70`s also taking photos of aircraft was added. This has not changed until today

Main interests:
Aircraft slides of military aircraft (focus on eastern europe)
Aircraft modelling in 1:72; 1:48
Local aviation history of WWII

Lutz Tonne

Lutz Tonne was born in Hamburg in 1967. He served 6 years as an airtraffic controller in the German Navy. There he learned to combine his hobby and his job; military aviation. Since he left the Germany Navy, he is working as a civil air traffic controller in northern Germany.

Main interests:
Modern military aviation and air-to-air photography

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